Graduate / Teaching Assistants (2018-2019)

Each year I am very fortunate to have one or more MSIM or MLIS students assist with my courses. In addition to being on-call to assist with student questions and problems, they do many things in the background to improve the quality of the courses and generally make things run smoothly. This space is dedicated to letting you get to know them better.

Ashish Anand - LIS 502

Ashish Anand

I have more than six years of experience. I worked as a Business Analyst for more than three years at Tata Consultancy Services - considered among the ‘Big four’ most valuable 'IT services' brands worldwide. I also have experience of running a bootstrapped start-up for three years.

I am a first-year MSIM student, and I intend to specialize in Business Intelligence. I have an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from the University of Mumbai.

I like to read, watch movies, and explore the latest gadgets. As a professional, I have extensively dealt with data analysis and product management, and I also possess considerable experience with database management and business analysis.

If you face any issues in the class drop a mail at and we will get it resolved!

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