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This information is updated as changes are made and applies to the next offering of the course.

If you are looking for a one-credit course or you just want to add a skill to your resume, consider this course. We switched software to Smartsheet (rapidly growing Seattle company), which is really a cloud-based collaboration software that also does Project and Event management as well as virtually every other business function. It is an exciting company and an exciting product with what it can do. I wish it had been around when I was a grad student doing group projects. The software is free to use as long as you are a UW student. If you know Excel, you already know how to use many of the features. Two of the most often stated skills employers say they wish grads had are soft skills (people skills) and managing projects. MLIS students, I get more follow-up emails from grads saying their project training opened doors or opportunities for them in the field.

Online Project Management

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

* Skills will easily translate to Microsoft Office Project.

Weekly Topics

  1. Intro to Project Management and PM Software
  2. Getting Started with a New Project
  3. Working with Task Relationships and Durations
  4. Working with Resources
  5. Critical Path and What it Means and Formatting Ideas
  6. Tracking Progress on the Project
  7. Sharing Project Information
  8. Working with Multiple Projects
  9. Advanced Features and Concepts
  10. Wrap-up


Intro to Project Management Software - Smartsheet

We will be using the Top Hat ( classroom response system in class.  You will be able to submit answers to in-class questions using Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, laptops, desktop computer or through text message.   Additionally, we will be using the custom-built textbook “Intro to Project Management Software - Smartsheet” within Top Hat for this class.

You can visit TopHat's website for the Student Quick Start Guide which outlines how you will register for a Top Hat account, as well as providing a brief overview to get you up and running on the system.  An email invitation will also be sent to your school email account (if you don't receive this email, you can register by visiting our course website  (Spring Qtr 2017).

Top Hat is a paid subscription service. You can choose the cheapest option, $24 for 4-months of unlimited access or, if you’ll be using Top Hat for multiple semesters, you can select the discounted price of $36 for a full year. For a complete breakdown of all subscription options available please click here. After you pick your subscription, your textbook will be applied at checkout for an additional $36. Don’t worry if you don’t see any content in the course right away, I will make it available to you as we progress through the semester.

If you have any questions about Top Hat, please contact their support team at

Course Description and Syllabus

Catalog Description:
INFX 505 – Project Management Concepts for Information Professionals (1 Cr): Introduction to the terminology, concepts and skills used in working with project management and project management software. Emphasis given to developing, refining and monitoring work schedules using software tools. Prepares students to work productively with project teams and develop those skills frequently requested by prospective employers from many fields. Credit / no Credit only. Prerequisite: none.

Course Description PDF  - Also contains the Course Module Topics

Course Syllabus for current quarter

Software Required

Software Required for this course:

Important: You will get an invitation email from the instructor to use Smartsheet Enterprise version free as the tool for this course and as long as you are a UW student. Please make sure to use your account when register/sign-in. Using this account will allow you to be invited to the shared work space, where you and your ipeers can collaboratively work on a project. Using your personal email or work email as Smartsheet account not only violates our agreement with Smartsheet but will not be able to share resources required in the class. So please make sure to use your account to enter Smartsheet. If you do not get an email from the instructor, please request one right away.

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