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This information is updated as changes are made and applies to the next offering of the course.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

Weekly Topics

  1. Networks - What are they? There's more than one?
  2. LANs, WANs, WLANs, Campuses and more
  3. Wireless technologies and issues
  4. What else rides on our networks?
  5. Bits, Bytes, Binary, HEX it's all just numbers
  6. IP Addresses and MAC Addresses - more numbers
  7. What about security? Privacy? Why are they important?
  8. Data centers and clouds, where the data lives
  9. Global issues of all kinds
  10. TBD and Wrap-up


None required. All materials will be destributed in class

Course Description and Syllabus

Catalog Description:
INFX 504 – Networking Concepts for Information Professionals (1 Cr): Introduction to the concepts, terminology and technologies of digital networks, including how networks operate and the influence networks have on the workplace and society. Prepares students to think critically about the impacts of networking technologies on organizations, work groups and information systems. Prepares students for advanced studies in database technologies, web design and information assurance. Credit / no Credit only. Prerequisite: none. (Prepares students for INFX 546)

Course Description PDF  - Also contains the Course Module Topics

Course Syllabus for current quarter

Software Required

None at this time. Anything we need we will load in class.

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