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Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS3, 2nd edition
by Terry Felke-Morris, Harper College
ISBN-10: 0133128911
ISBN-13: 9780133128918
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Published: 01/18/2013

There may be other versions of the book which include less or more material respectively, may have different exercises and may cost more.

The assignments can be done with a used book if you want to save a few bucks.

Note the Kindle versions and rental versions sometimes are often missing resources like Appendices and sample files, BUT we can generally work around that by me adding the materials to the Web site – so let me know if that happens.   

Course Description

Catalog Description:
INFX 503 – Website Design Concepts for information Professionals (1 Cr): Introduces the context and construction of websites presenting an integrated understanding of we design principles, information behavior, and technical skills. Emphasizes the roll of markup in information display and organization, the development of large sites, web strategy, and site construction. Credit / no credit only. Prerequisite: none. (Prepares students for INFX 543 and INFX 544)

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