How do I navigate this course each week

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The Homepage / Syllabus Page has a link to all Course Explanation pages on this site, if I add any new ones, I will add a red flag, so you know. It also has the Week's Module Page link and the Assignment schedule.

The Week's Module Page is a good place to start each week. It contains:

The order you choose to do things is up to you - many students start with the lectures. Occasionally I'll suggest an order on the site.

The Assignment page - tend to follow a pattern that you will quickly recognize, but do not overlook the Week's Module Page, there may be additional requirements, solution sets, and additional resources.

Discussion Board - even if you don't post questions, be sure to check periodically to see if you can help others. I find that you never really understand a concept until you have to explain it to someone else. It is also the final 10% of your grade.

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