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Lectures will be offered most weeks - they are online / on-demand. View them on your schedule. There may be times when one or more videos, like YouTube, can say everything I was going to say and I will post those. There are some great ones from and SimonSayIT and I link to those when I can. They can be found on the Week's web page, which can be accessed from the Syllabus (link in Navigation Bar). Lectures, videos and podcasts are used to explain or add to the textbooks, which in many cases are step-by-step tutorials. I try to strike a balance to not overload you or get too redundant. So, some weeks there may be more lectures, other weeks there may be none. If I mark something Optional it is an alternative view of the concepts or skill for those that want another perspective.

Each of my lectures will also include a set of the PowerPoints on the same web page for those that want to download them as notes or reference.

Any questions you have from the lecture should be addressed on the Discussion link - although many students check with their iPeers first. If you also add it to the Discussion threads others can benefit and participate. Process to use:

Note: The same process applies to questions in readings, videos, etc. with a Subject like: Week 3 Schneier Security Theater video - your question or comment subject summary.

If there is no video on a point or concept that is eluding you, post a question. Your fellow students, the GA/TAs or I will try to explain it and if necessary I'll record a short lecture for you and add it for future classes.

What if a lecture, video or podcast won't play right? Post a comment to see if others are having the same experience AND send me an email  I will check it and fix it. Please don't wait for me to find it in all the threads of six courses. Please put a short summary AND course number in the Subject like Broken Link in INFX 501 week 3 or Missing solution file for INFX 505.

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