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The following applies to the INFX 501 - 511 and the Assignment portion of the 4-Credit courses, which typically have a two-part project covered on the course web page.

iPeer Grading

All nine assignments are shared with your iPeers weekly for review, advice, support, etc. All we are trying to do is help you develop the skills in the text and assignments. So, on here are the steps.

  1. Tuesday share assignment results with iPeers.
  2. By Friday, iPeers will make any suggestion or feedback. You could then incorporate any suggestion – if you want.
  3. Monday one member reports the final results to the GAs. Using the iPeer form (link to Excel spreadsheet).
  4. The GAs will then post the results to the grade book.

Starting with Module 7 through 9. INFX 511 will be doing weekly project based on week’s skills in the Assignment. INFX 502 will be designing a database based on what they’ve learned and the Assignments.

Steps 1, 2 and 4 remain. In step 3, one member of the group will submit the weekly report PLUS the project results (INFX 511) or progress (INFX 502) on Monday for each member. This could be either in a document or as a link to the results posted on the Discussion board.4. The GA will grade the project and post to the Grade Book

This is new to everybody, but starting with Assignment 7, the process will be defined again in detail in each week’s assignment.

Don’t panic, nothing has changed if you get what is asked for in each of the projects, you will get the 10 points. That hasn’t changed. If you make an honest effort but fall short (even after the assist from iPeers, Discussion Boards, and questions to us) you may lose a few points – you will not lose all or most of the points. This not a gotcha. You will get credit for completing the textbook assignments. It is just the projects that will be graded separately. But both total 10 points per week.

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