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Online courses often rely heavily on discussion boards for help, content discussion, Q&A, and monitoring participation. In these classes I realize that the iPeer groups perform many of those functions plus I don't want to create unnecessary busy work for you - so I no longer make the Discussions mandatory. You may have some assignments that ask you to post to the discussion board to get feedback from the entire class - please participate in this.

At a minimum, this course will have these general discussion boards (forums)

You can comment in, post questions or answers in any existing thread - Please check first to see if there is a thread already started on your topic

You can create any thread that you like - Please Start a (new) Discussion (top of Board) for a new topic to avoid long, hard to navigate threads. Please use a format like this for the Subject of any new discussions: Week n: Object involved - your topic or question summarized Some examples:

For Help on working with Discussions, use the Canvas Student Guide

While the GAs and I read the discussion boards almost every day, we do not typically post "answers" for at least 24 hours to allow for student solutions to be posted. Too often an instructor solution tends to stop a discussion thread when in fact often there may be other and even better solutions available. This is the opportunity for the more experienced in our midst to add value to the course.

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