How Assignments work

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There will be a nine Skills Assignments, one each week except Week 10.

Concept Discussion Assignments will be posted some weeks on the Week's web page, which can be accessed from the Syllabus (link in Navigation Bar).

Skills assignments general guidelines.

Solution Set or Completed Solution - some assignments in some courses will have these on the bottom of the Week's web page with the Assignment.

The Reasonable Effort Rule: You should NOT be spending a huge number of hours struggling for perfection on each and every exercise. The goal is for you to put in a reasonable effort, but if you can't answer the question after giving it a fair attempt it is OK to give up! Way before you get too frustrated, please post any questions or concerns on the Skills Discussion board and/or communicate with your iPeer - the objective is to learn this material not catch you unprepared. Use the Solution Set or Completed Solution if available - that is what it is for.

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