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UW Bothell and other non-iSchool Grad Students - see note below

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What are the 1-credit INFX courses and why should I take them? - 15:38 minutes presentation

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INFX 543 – Relational Database Management Systems (4 Cr): Database design and development theory, concepts and skills. Traditional transactional database theory, architecture and implementation in a user-centered systems context using SQL. Introduces database modeling, security and privacy issues. Prerequisite: Skills covered in INFX 502 (Prepares students for INFX 563)

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UW Bothell MBA Students and other non-iSchool UW Grad Students

I welcome you guys in these courses. First because I was a UW MBA, probably before you were born, and second because you bring a different perspective to the courses. All course students are grad students in some UW program, mostly our MSIM and MLIS programs but also the Law School, Nursing, UWB MBA, etc.

Unfortunately, at the start of each quarter’s registration there is always a bit of a issue in getting the registration system to work smoothly for you. Here are a couple pieces of information for you until we get you in the classes.

Please feel free to contact me at any time before, during or after the course.


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