Geography 440                                                                        William B. Beyers

Regional Analysis                                                                      406A Smith

Autumn 2011                                                                           543-5871


Readings pack will be available from Ram Copy Center, 4144 University Ave NE first week of the quarter

Tentative Lecture and Assignment Schedule

Sept. 28 Introduction, distribution of matrix algebra review handout   Geography_440_papers2011.doc

Sept. 30  Matrix Algebra Review, Review Exercise  Reading: Miller & Blair, Input-Output Analysis: Foundations and Extensions.  Second Edition, pp. 688-p701 (class handout from Sept. 28).

Oct. 3   Simple descriptive measures  - class handouts also Michael Brown and Larry Knopf, Places_or_Polygons.pdf

Oct 5  Simple descriptive approaches, continued.

Oct. 7 Introduction to shift-share  Reading: Stevens, B. & C. Moore.  “A critical review of the literature on shift-share as a forecasting technique,” Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 20, pp. 419-438. Review Exercise Due                   Exercise I: Descriptive approaches


Oct 10  Shift share continued; Shift-share forecasting.  Reading:  R. Barff & P. Night, "Dynamic shift-share analysis," Growth & Change, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 1-10. 

Oct. 12  Exercise II: Shift-Share Analysis  SHIFT440.XLS  WN60.XLS   WN69.XLS    WN80.XLS   WN88.XLS   WN96.XLS   WN2006.xls   wa2009.xls  ex2_Geog440.doc

Oct. 14  Beyers away, no class

Oct. 17  Exercise I due, Discussion of Results

Oct. 19  Economic Base Concept Reading: Tiebout, Ch 1-6;  W. Schaffer, Web Book of Regional Science,, Chapter 2.   Ullman & Dacey, "The Minimum Requirements Approach to the Urban Economic Base, Papers,  Regional Science Association, VL (1960), pp. 175-194.  Chapter 6 Tiebout.ppt

Oct. 21  Regional input-output models: basics.  Reading: W. Schaffer, Web Book of Regional Science,, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5  

Oct. 24  Exercise III: Economic Base  Exercise II Due, Discussion of Results WN_Exports.xls    EX3_Geography440_Autumn2011.doc

Oct 26:  Regional input-output models, continued, same reading

Oct. 28  Regional input-output model: estimation procedures - survey approaches; Reading: W. Schaffer,  Web Book of Regional Science,, Chapter 9

Oct. 31   Regional input-output model estimation – non-survey approaches; Reading: same as October 28. 

Nov. 2  Exercise IV: Impact Analysis   EXERC4.DOC    baseball_2011.xls   impact_worksheets_2010.xls

Nov 4-Nov 11, Beyers away, no class

Nov 14  Interregional input-output models.  Reading: Schaffer, Web Book of Regional Science,, Chapter 6. Exercise III Due; discussion of results

Nov 16 Programming extensions of i/o models.  Reading:  Richardson, "Regional Input-output and linear programming," Input-Output and Regional EconomicsNew York: Wiley, 1972.  pp. 195-211.   Environmental extensions of i/o models. ReadingRichardson, Chapter 11, "Input-Output and the Environment, pp. 213-230.  Exercise V – Non-survey i/o model construction  hospital_economic_impact_10_13_03.doc   Exercise5_data2011.xls   EX5_Autumn2011a.xls

Nov 18 Multi-criteria decision making models.  Reading:  "A multi-criteria analysis for project evaluation: economic-ecological evaluation of a land  reclamation project, Papers, RSA, 35:87-114, 1975. 

Nov. 21   Structural comparison and structural change.  Reading: Chenery & Watanabe, "International Comparisons of the Structure of Production," Econometrica, 26 (4), pp. 487-521. (1958).   Carter, A. Structural Change in the American EconomyCambridge: Harvard U. Press, 1970, pp. 24-50.   Exercise IV due; discussion of results 

Nov 23 Graph Theory  Reading: Kilkenny, M. & L. Nalbarte, The Web Book of Regional Science,

Nov 25 Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 28 Social Accounts.  Reading: R. Stone, Demographic Accounting and model building.  OECD,   1971. pp. 17-39. Exercise V due; discussion of results

Nov. 30 Regional Econometric Models. Reading: R.S. Conway, Jr.  The Washington Projection and  Simulation Model: a Regional Interindustry  Econometric Model  International Regional Science  Review, Vol 13, No. 2, pp. 141-65.  

Dec 2  CGE and SAM models. E. Vargas, D. Schreiner, G. Tembo, & D. Marcouller,  Computable General Equilibrium Modeling for Regional Analysis, Web Book of Regional Science.   Take home Final Distributed

Dec 5  Beyers available for counseling on exam and independent projects

Dec 7  Research Project Due; Take Home finals Due

Grade Components:  Exercises (5 in total) 60 points; independent project 20%, take home final 20%