Geography 207 Economic Geography

Autumn 2013

Instructor: William B. Beyers, Professor of Geography, Emeritus, 406A Smith Hall

Telephone: 543-5871 E-mail:


Office Hours: MWF 9:30-10:20AM or by appointment

Course Description:

The changing locations and spatial patterns of economic activity, including: production in agriculture, manufacturing, and services; spatial economic principles of trade, transportation, communications, and corporate organization; regional economic development, and the diffusion of technological innovation.

Syllabus & Links to Lecture Notes

Text: The World Economy by Frederick P. Stutz and Barney Warf. Sixth Edition..

Teaching Assistant: Spencer Cohen, Office Hours: Thursdays 11:30, Geography Lounge, Room 411 Smith

E-mail for Spencer:

Tentative Schedule of Lectures & Discussion Sections



W Sept 25

Introduction, Overview, Chapter 1 Economic Geography: An Introduction Intro207_Au2013.ppt vonHumboldt.ppt

Th Sept. 26

Discussion Sections

Fri Sept. 27

Chapter 1 Economic Geography: An Introduction, continued Chapter1b_Warf_6ed.ppt



M Sept. 30

Chapter 2. Historical Development of Capitalism Chapter2_Warf_6ed.ppt Souk_Aleppo_ Syria.ppt

W Oct 2

Chapter 3 Population Chapter3_Warf_6ed.ppt

Th. Oct 3

Discussion Sections

F Oct 4

Chapter 3 continued, Population Chapter3_Warf_continued_6ed.ppt



M Oct 7

Chapter 4 Resources and the Environment Chapter4_6ed.ppt

W Oct 9

Chapter 4 continued, Resources and the Environment Chapter4a_6ed.ppt

Th Oct. 10

Discussion Sections

Fri. Oct 11

Exercise I County Economic Profile: Distributed and Discussed in class EX1_data_Autumn2013.xls Washington_2010_ESD_covered_employment.xlsx Resprob1_CountyProfile.doc



M. Oct 14

Chapter 5 Theoretical Considerations Chapter5_Warf_6ed.ppt

W Oct 16

Chapter 5 Theoretical Considerations continued Chapter5a_Warf.ppt

Th Oct 17

Discussion Sections

Fri Oct 18

Exam I Chapters 1-5, to page 137



Mon Oct 21

Chapter 5 continued Chapter5b_Warf.ppt

Wed Oct 23

Chapter 5 continued Chapter5c_Warf.ppt Murano.ppt

Th. Oct 24

Discussion Sections

Fri. Oct 25

Chapter 6 Agriculture Exercise I due Chapter6_Warf.ppt rent.xls



Mon Oct 28

Chapter 10 Cities and Urban Economies Chapter10_Warf.ppt

Wed Oct 30

Chapter 10 Cities and Urban Economies continued Chapter10a_Warf.ppt

Thurs Oct. 31

Discussion Sections

Friday Nov. 1

Chapter 10, economic base & input-output models CAI_aerospace_impact_study.pdf



Monday Nov 4

Exercise II: Impact Analysis Distributed and discussed in class EX2_data207_2013.xls impact_worksheet_207_autumn2013.xls

Wed Nov 6

Chapter 10, continued Chapter10_Warf2.ppt

Thursday Nov 7

Discussion Sections

Friday Nov 8

Ch 7 Manufacturing Chapter7_Warf.ppt



Mon Nov 11

Veterans Day Holiday

Wed Nov 13

Ch 7 Manufacturing, continuedChapter7a_Warf_6ed.ppt 3prodplan.pdf

Thursday Nov 14

Discussion Sections

Friday Nov. 15

Exam II, Chapter 5 (p. 137 onwards) Ch 6, 10



Monday Nov.18

Exercise II Due; Exercise III Distributed, Retail Location Exercise RESPROB3.XLS

Wednesday Nov 20

Ch 8 Services Chapter8_Warf_6ed.ppt

Thurs Nov 21

Discussion Sections

Friday Nov 22

Ch 8, continued, Ch 9 Transportation and Communication Chapter8a_Warf_6ed.ppt Chapter9_Warf_6ed.ppt E_Commerce_2013.ppt



Monday Nov 25

Chapter 9, Transportation and Communication

Wed Nov. 27

Ch 11 Consumption Chapter 11_Warf_6ed.ppt

Thursday Nov 28

Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday Nov. 29

Thanksgiving Holiday



Monday Dec 2

Ch 12 International Trade and Investment, continued, Ch 13 International Trade Patterns Exercise III DueChapter12_Warf_6ed.ppt Chapter13_Warf_6ed.ppt

Wed Dec 4

Ch 14 Development and Underdevelopment in the Developing World

Thursday Dec 5

Discussion Sections

Friday Dec 6

Ch 14, continued. Development and Underdevelopment in the Developing World Chapter14_6ed.ppt Chapter 14a_6ed.ppt


There will be three research assignments over the course of the quarter, requiring the preparation of short papers reporting results of these assignments.

The grade for the course will be based on the examinations, the research assignments, and participation in the discussion sections.

Likely Distribution of Points

Exam I and Exam II - 100 points each

Final Exam 150 points

Research Exercises 35 points each

Final Examination: Tuesday Dec. 10 8:30AM-10:20AM