Courses taught by Bill Beyers

Geography 207 Economic Geography
This course covers principles of location for retail/consumer service industry, manufacturing,
and the resulting spatial patterns of economic activity on the landscape.  These include agricultural
production, urban land use patterns, and principles related to trade, transportation, and
communications.  It also considers regional economic development principles and models, and
principles from management science relevant to the geography of corporations in the global

Geography 302 The Pacific Northwest
Settlement patterns in the Pacific Northwest, emphasizing economic and historical factors, including
the location of resource-oriented industries, footloose industries, the growth of the service economy, the
pattern of urban settlement and regional development principles.  Also considered are policies related
to the management of public lands, and growth management strategies in the region.

Geography 440  Regional Analysis
Regional industrial structures and economic change.  Application of shift-share, cohort, multiplier,
input-output and programming models to the analysis and projection of regional population
and employment patterns, regional growth differentials, and regional impact analysis.

Geography 540  Seminar in Industrial Geography
This seminar has variable content from year to year.  It has reflected the interests of the
instructor--focusing in recent years predominantly on producer services--as well as the