Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon

Assistant Professor
Evans School of Public Affairs
University of Washington
Box 353055
Seattle, WA 98195
+1 206.221.4601


Published Papers

Using Mobile Phones to Collect Panel Data in Developing Countries (Journal of International Development, 24(4), May 2012: 518-527.)   [pdf]

Working Papers

Global Crude to Local Food: An Empirical Study of Global Oil Price Pass-through to Maize Prices in East Africa (with Chris Barrett)  (submitted)   [pdf]       [Project page with data]

Partial Identification of Underlying Beliefs from Elicited Subjective Probability Distributions (submitted)   [pdf]

Risk and Resilience among Tanzanian Farmers: Estimation of a Dynamic, Stochastic Production Model using Elicited Subjective Probability Distributions   [pdf]

Paying More for Less: Why Don't Households in Tanzania Take Advantage of Bulk Discounts? (with Joachim De Weerdt and Ted O'Donoghue[short version]

Research In Progress

Crop Residue Management as a Farmer Decision Problem

Guessing the Prices Right? Beliefs Updating by Tanzanian Farmers in the (Apparent) Absence of Information Signals

Bracketing Effects and Other Response Biases in the Elicitation of Subjective Probability Distributions (with Russell Toth)

The Link Between Land Tenure Security and Agricultural Investment: Evidence from Zambia (with Alessandra Voena)

Ex-post Smoothing of Elicited Subjective Probability Distributions (with Gabe Chan)

Returns to Education Across Employment Sectors: Evidence from Indonesia (with Chayanee Chawanote and Chris Barrett)




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