Oil Prices and East African Food Security

A Cornell University research project sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (#1060645), in collaboration with the Tanzania office of the International Growth Centre.

Principal Investigator: Chris Barrett
Co-Investigators: David Lee, Brian Dillon, Miguel Gomez, Oliver Gao
Other key contributors: Aurelie Harou, Tanvi Rao, Shun Chonabayashi, Channing Arndt (University of Copenhagen), and Mujobu Moyo (IGC)


Final report: "Oil prices and East African food security: Understanding the links and effects on households" (draft version) [pdf]

"Global Crude to Local Food: An Empirical Study of Global Oil Price Pass-through to Maize Prices in East Africa" (Dillon and Barrett) [pdf]

"Impacts of World Fuel and Agricultural Price Changes: An Economywide Analysis of Tanzania" (Arndt) [pdf]

"Fuel and Food Prices: Key Findings from Focus Group Discussions and Structured Interviews in Tanzania" (Moyo and Harou) [pdf]

"The Policy Environment for Fuel, Maize and Fertilizer in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia" (Rao and Lee) [pdf]


Maize prices

Fuel/fertilizer prices

Exchange rates and inflation

Global commodity prices