HSTAA 432: History of Washington and the Pacific Northwest

Brian Casserly

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Progressive Era Reform in Seattle city government, Seattle Star, October 24, 1910

Paper One:

Your first paper will be a one page analysis of the primary sources scheduled to be read for one day.  You must submit this paper by July 27. This paper will be worth 10% of your overall grade. For more details click here.

Paper Two:

Paper two will be a 4-5 page paper based on the book, Mourning Dove. It is worth 20% of your overall grade. It will be due on August 1. Details available here.

Paper Three:

The third paper for the class is worth 25% of your overall grade. It will require you to explore various themes we will have covered over the course of the class, making extensive use of the readings we have done as evidence for your analysis. It is due on August 19th. Details available here.

Midterm Exam:

The midterm is worth 20% of your grade. It will take place on August 10. The exam will consist of identification items and essay questions. 

Midterm Review

Class Participation:

You are required to participate in class every day and this will be worth 25% of your grade. Your participation grade will be based on the quality as well as the frequency of your participation in discussion, various in-class assignments, and quizzes.