Bingni Wen Brunton

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dept. of Biology
Dept. of Applied Math
University of Washington (UW)
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-221-7991 (o)
Email: bbrunton at uw dot edu

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About Me

I'm a postdoc at UW working with Tom Daniel in the Biology department and Nathan Kutz in the Applied Math department. I am interested in computational techniques that exploit inherent sparsity in complex data; my collaborators and I develop data-driven, low-dimensional dynamic models for biological and engineered systems. In particular, these tools help us gain a mathematical understanding of how to make decisions using very few sensors.

I grew up in Maryland (MBHS) and was an undergrad at Caltech, where I majored in biology. Afterwards, I went to Princeton and studied neuroscience with Carlos Brody. In Carlos's lab, I trained rodents to perform decision-making tasks and developed computational models to help us understand mechanisms underlying their behavior. I also did some experimental work in electrophysiology, neuropharmacology, and human psychophysics.

Research Interests
  • Data-driven dynamic models of neuronal networks
  • Sparse sensors for biological and engineered systems
  • Dynamical systems in systems neuroscience
  • Neural mechanisms of decision-making

My husband Steve Brunton and I met when we were undergrads and have migrated together ever since. We currently live in Seattle with our two kids and our dog Mordecai.