October 16, 2006


The CFR Resources Committee met on October 13, 2006 to discuss several space issues. In attendance were Gordon Bradley, Beverly Anderson, Sally Morgan, Bob Edmonds, Dave Manuwal and Bruce Bare.

WINK 104 has been converted into the administrative center for faculty services. We believe this will provide for a more efficient delivery of integrated services to our faculty. Amanda Davis and Nevada Smith are located in WINK 104 along with Chair Bradley and are available to assist faculty seeking help with administrative services.

As previously announced on September 4, 2006, BLD 292 is in the process of being converted into a flexible meeting space for seminars, graduate classes, College meetings, etc. It will be configured with tables and chairs to be comparable to AND 22 and will be available for reservation on the College web site available beginning Winter Quarter 2007. We are also investigating the use of this room for our video conferencing equipment. This decision was previously posted on our CFR web site.

The mailboxes and the shared printer previously located in BLD 292 are being relocated to the work space portion of the Honors Room. We intend to move the Xi Sigma Pi file cabinet from this work space to the mezzanine of the Forest Club Room in the near future. This will provide additional work space in the Honors Room and will allow us to consolidate student club records in one place.

In order to accommodate our retiring faculty when they are reemployed under the 40% option and our teaching assistants, we are in the process of converting BLD 311 into a shared faculty office and TA space. We are installing six TA work spaces to be shared by TAs during the quarters they are employed as teaching assistants and six faculty work spaces to be shared during the quarters retired faculty are reemployed. These latter spaces are also available to accommodate visiting faculty if approved in advance. In addition, the room provides a shared meeting space to allow group discussions. We expect the room to be refurbished during Winter 2007.

I approve all of the changes described herein.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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