June 20, 2008


On June 20, the CFR Resources Committee met. Present were Anderson, Bare, Bradley, Edmonds, Gustafson, Morgan, Perez-Garcia, and West

1. It was recommended that Professor Aaron Wirsing be assigned Wink 101 (office) and Wink 114 (lab). APPROVED

2. It was recommended that Professor Christian Torgersen be assigned Wink 212 (lab). APPROVED

3. If we are successful in recruiting Professor Carsten Sievers, he will be assigned BLD 332 (office) and BLD 312 (lab). He will also have access to BLD 209 (lab). APPROVED

4. WINK 111 will be shared by Professors West and Marzluff. Professor Emeritus Manuwal will continue to have access as needed. APPROVED

5. Professor Ettl's request for additional lab space is under consideration. He will continue to share WINK 214 with Professor Peterson.

6. Professor Edmonds will determine the pending space needs of Professor Emeritus Agee for Wink 112.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean
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