August 6, 2003


As appropriate, please reserve the mornings of Wednesday, September 17 and Thursday September 18 for facilitated meetings to discuss critical issues regarding College organizational structure and management issues.


Wednesday, September 17: Faculty meeting focused on divisional organization and its consequences for issues of management, PMT, and curricula.

Thursday, September 18: All-College meeting for faculty, staff, and students to consider how to best carry out essential College activities. These include resource allocation, future College direction, and collective academic, research, and outreach functions.


The Conference Room at the UW Waterfront Activities Center, 8:00-Noon, followed by lunch both days.


We will provide some background material on organizational structure in other academic units at the UW and elsewhere, and will ask for your input on a number of questions in advance of the meeting.

In a discussion of organizational structure we need to consider decision making in the College and the lines of authority and mechanisms for accountability. We expect that decisions made on these two days will shape our efforts throughout the year.

I strongly encourage your full participation. This is an opportunity to actively participate in discussions directly related to the organizational structure, function, and culture of our College.

Thanks and best wishes.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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