Q SCI 381: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Section C) --- Autumn XXXX

Helpful Online Resources

Some resources you may find interesting and of value are:

  • Interactive Tutorials for our text.
  • On-line probability and statistics videos
  • Web-based Statistical Calculations
  • A visual z-table
  • Probability distributions
  • An interactive normal distribution
  • Statistical Calculators links you to web-based power calculators, two sample test calculators, Q-Q plot makers, etc.
  • Statistics Calculators
  • QELP Home Page Quantitative Environmental Learning Project based at Seatte Central Community College, there are links to a differential equation data sets, statistical examples and exercises, etc.
  • Common Probability Distributions
  • HyperStat Online including statistical tutorials and numerous references
  • Vestac Java Applets for Visualization of Statistical Concepts like the normal probability plot, regression plots and many more
  • Central Limit Theorem in Action an animated demonstration of the central limit theorem
  • General Statistics Tutorials
  • Links to Web Pages that Perform Statisical Calculations
  • Texas Instruments (TI) Homepage
  • Excel Tutorial provides the basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Matlab Homepage
  • Matlab Basics Tutorial
  • MAPLE Homepage
  • SPSS Homepage
  • SPSS Tutorial
  • StatCrunch Web-based Data Analysis
  • Computer Labs on Campus
  • Getting UW Software on your Computer
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