Q SCI 381: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Section C) --- Autumn 2014

Description of Reading and Homework Assignments

Each assignment shown below contains a list of the chapters and sections within a chapter that should be read prior to working the assigned homework problems. Note: All homework assignments are self graded and are NOT turned in NOR are they graded. They are solely for your benefit to test your understanding and should be worked by the dates shown. We highly recommend that you work all assigned problems prior to each examination. The homework assignments are also available through the MyLab & Mastering web site. Answers to the odd numbered homework problems are available under the Chapter Contents tab. Also available are answers to the odd numbered Chapter Review exercises and solutions to all the (odd and even) Try It Yourself exercises and Chapter Quiz exercises.

Assignment No. 1 -- Complete by: October 1, 2014

Assignment No. 2 -- Complete by: October 8, 2014

Assignment No. 3 -- Complete by: October 15, 2014

Assignment No. 4 -- Complete by: October 22, 2014

Assignment No. 5 -- Complete by: October 29, 2014

Assignment No. 6 -- Complete by: November 5, 2014

Assignment No. 7 -- Complete by: November 12, 2014

Assignment No. 8 -- Complete by: November 19, 2014

Assignment No. 9 -- Complete by: November 26, 2014

Assignment No. 10 -- Complete by: December 5, 2014

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