Q SCI 381: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Section C) --- Autumn 2014

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During the quarter, a series of emails will be sent to all students who are enrolled in the class. Each of these messages is also posted to this page for later reference.

Email Communication:

All course email is automatically sent to each student's UW email account. Thus, students who use a private commercial email account or a departmental email account are responsible for having their UW email forwarded to their other account. Also, for access to some course web pages you must use your UW NetID and UW password.

Subject: Introduction to Your Online Autumn 2014 Quarter Course -- Q SCI 381C

This is a preliminary message to let you know that you are registered for Q SCI 381C this autumn term. If you wish to become familiar with how this online class will be conducted, please review materials on the following web site:


Also, complete the registration process to use the MyLab & Mastering web site and the eText book as discussed on the Course Content web page (see above link for more information).

There are no formal lectures for this course, but we will communicate frequently with you via email, the online discussion board and during our TA's office hours. It is your responsibility to become familiar with the course web site materials. However, we are here to assist you in learning the course material.

I will be back in touch as the beginning of autumn term approaches. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your break from classes.

Sent: Monday, September 15, 2014 9:03 AM
Subject: Text for Autumn Quarter

Before you purchase your text for autumn quarter read the following information:


We are using the 6th edition of the Larson & Farber text this quarter. No other edition is sufficient.

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 10:09 AM
Subject: Welcome to Q SCI 381 Section C

We wish to welcome you to the start of autumn quarter and to Q SCI 381C. We hope you have an enjoyable experience this term.

To access information about this course go to the following web site:


All course information is posted on this web site, so please familiarize yourself with all of this information. Also, please note that additional study materials are available on the MyLab & Mastering web site which is accessible from the above course web site. Please register on the MyLab & Mastering web site so you can access this material. Free access to MyLab & Mastering via an access code comes with a purchase of the NEW textbook package purchased from the U Bookstore. See the textbook information on our course web page for more information before buying any books for this course.

The first hourly exam is on Wednesday, October 8th. As with all exams, it is closed book. Please bring a hand held scientific or graphing calculator, your Husky Card and your statistical formula/table card (sheets) to all exams (see next email for more information about the formula/table sheets which come with the purchase of a new textbook). When needed, we will provide statistical tables that are not included on your formula/table card.

If you wish to take the exams at an off-campus location such as UWB, UWT, a regional university, a community college or a city/county library you must let me know the name and email address of the exam proctor at your preferred location by the end of week one of the term. If you use the services of UW DRS, please read the instructions shown beneath the table on the following page:


All homework is self-evaluated and is not turned in for grading. Exam dates are shown on the course web site and all exams MUST be taken on the dates shown. Our course web site will show the times for all exams and exam locations will be posted when available.

Please use your UW email account and UW Net ID when communicating with us. If you use an alternate email system please set your UW email account to automatically forward your email. You will not be able to use the class email list or the online discussion group unless logged into the UW system. Also, be careful when using the class email list as your response might be sent to the entire list instead of only me or the person you intended.

If you need assistance please plan on coming to MGH 084 during office hours of our graduate assistant.

If you have any questions please email me or our graduate assistant or post your question on our class discussion board.

Thanks and welcome aboard!

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 10:11 AM
Subject: On-line quizzes, tests, reserve materials, formula cards (sheets), MyLab Access

Access to MyLab & Mastering

The course id for access to MyLab & Mastering is bare05248. The web site is www.coursecompass.com. You should use this web site throughout this course.

On-line Quizzes and Tests

The quizzes and tests that you may access on-line through the MyLab & Mastering web site are for YOUR USE only. The same holds for the quizzes and chapter tests found in your text book. Do NOT send to me or our graduate assistant as they are not graded and they are not counted in computing your grade for the course.

Reserve Materials

The reserve copy of the Larson/Farber text (6th Edition) and a copy of the student's solution manual are available in closed stacks reserve in the OGUL. Online study aids, including an online version of the text, are also accessible from the MyLab & Mastering web site (multi--media or eBook tabs). No other edition of the text will suffice.

Formula/Table Card (Sheets)

If you bought a used text, a new book but not from the UW Bookstore, or use the online text, you may be missing the detachable Formula/Table Card (sheets) that you are allowed to use during all of our closed book exams. If so, you may print a copy from the MyLab & Mastering web site. Go to Chapter Contents (Tools for Success) on the MyLab & Mastering web site.

You should bring your hand held scientific or graphing calculator, your Husky card and all pages of the formula/table card (sheets) -- including pages that contain the statistical tables -- to the exams.

You may write any notes that you wish on the formula/table sheets, but only on the side of the paper that contains printed material. You cannot use your text or any old exams during the exams and you cannot share your formula/table card or anything else with anyone during any exam.

Online Discussion Board

We encourage you to utilize the online discussion board if you have questions. It is accessible from our class web page.

Purchasing MyLab & Mastering Access Separately from the Text

If you purchased a used copy of the text, or purchased a new copy of the text from a vendor other than the UW Bookstore, you probably did not purchase an access code needed to use the MyLab & Mastering web site for our course. If this is the case, the following instructions will allow you to purchase this access code online.

1. Go to the MyLab & Mastering web site and click the Get Registered button in the Student box.

2. Locate the credit card option you wish to use and proceed to purchase your access code online.

3. The course id is bare05248

See the Text Book web page for more information about purchasing access to MyLab & Mastering and/or the online text.

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 10:11 AM
Subject: Week One

I hope you found our course web page and are working on the homework assignment one as described on the Reading/Homework page. Homework One is a short assignment that covers some elementary introductory concepts in Chapter One and the first section of Chapter Two.

Our course web site is: http://faculty.washington.edu/bare/qs381

The MyLab & Mastering web site is: www.coursecompass.com.

To register for MyLab & Mastering the course id is bare05248.

All information about the course is available online. You are responsible for reading this information.

A word about the course-- Although this is a relatively easy course, you must spend considerable time with the material and you must keep up. Expect to spend at least ten hours per week studying the material. Once you fall behind it is very difficult to catch up. We cover one chapter per week and we have five hourly examinations spaced about every two weeks. Plan on spending a good amount of time reading and working problems each week. If you have questions, contact either our graduate assistant or me and come to our office hours for extra help. We are here to help you succeed, but you are ultimately responsible for learning the course material and showing your proficiency on the exams.

An online discussion board is also available for you to exchange questions and answers. We monitor this site every day and will participate as needed. We also answer email inquiries frequently during the day. Note you must be logged into the UW computer system to access the online discussion group.

Hourly Examination One is on Wednesday, October 8th and covers Chapters 1-2. A practice examination (with answers) is available on our course web site. In addition, the MyLab & Mastering web site contains chapter quizzes and practice tests that you may use to test your understanding of material presented in the text.

I suggest that if you need extra help you use the video lectures available from the MyLab & Mastering web site under "Chapter Contents".

Best wishes.

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