Q SCI 381: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Section C) --- Autumn 2014

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During the quarter, a series of emails will be sent to all students who are enrolled in the class. Each of these messages is also posted to this page for later reference.

Email Communication:

All course email is automatically sent to each student's UW email account. Thus, students who use a private commercial email account or a departmental email account are responsible for having their UW email forwarded to their other account. Also, for access to some course web pages you must use your UW NetID and UW password.

Subject: Introduction to Your Online Autumn 2014 Quarter Course -- Q SCI 381C

This is a preliminary message to let you know that you are registered for Q SCI 381C this autumn term. If you wish to become familiar with how this online class will be conducted, please review materials on the following web site:


Also, complete the registration process to use the MyLab & Mastering web site and the eText book as discussed on the Course Content web page (see above link for more information).

There are no formal lectures for this course, but we will communicate frequently with you via email, the online discussion board and during our TA's office hours. It is your responsibility to become familiar with the course web site materials. However, we are here to assist you in learning the course material.

I will be back in touch as the beginning of autumn term approaches. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your break from classes.

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