Q SCI 291: Analysis for Biologists I --- Autumn 2014

Helpful Online Resources

Some resources you may find interesting and of value are:

  • Interactive Tutorials for our text.
  • Online Math videos
  • Calculus videos
  • Online Math Classes
  • Math Online
  • Cool Math
  • Online Precalculus Help
  • Online Calculus Tutorials
  • Online Calculus Visuals
  • Calculus Tutor
  • Online Math Notes
  • QELP Home Page Quantitative Environmental Learning Project based at Seatte Central Community College.
  • Texas Instruments (TI) Homepage
  • Excel Tutorial provides the basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Matlab Homepage
  • Matlab Basics Tutorial
  • MAPLE Homepage
  • Computer Labs on Campus
  • Getting UW Software on your Computer
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