July 2001

Performance Criteria for the College of Forest Resources

Organizational -


CollegeDivision Program*

Undergraduate/Graduate Teaching

Student credit hoursxx
x x
    All other
x x
Average class size x x
Number of majors and minorsx x x
Graduates/year (majors/MS/Ph.D.)x x x
5-year graduation ratexx x
Quality of instruction (student evaluations)x x
Undergraduate retentionx x x
Number of UG involved in research x x x
Initial placement (grad school/employment) rate x x x
    WA State
x x x
x x x
x x x
Exit interviews x x x
College Division Center


Dollars raised x x x
Number papers in refereed journals, proceedings, books x x x
Citation rate x x x


Number (hrs/people served) public/professional service activitiesx x
Number working papers/trade journalsx x
Number (hrs/people served) continuing/public education instructionx x
x x
    All other
x x


Total Endowed Funds x x
Total Gifts Received (by year)x x

Diversity (fac/staff/students)

Genderx x x
Ethnicityx x x
Note: *Program refers to an undergraduate or graduate program.

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