March 7, 2003

Members of the Elected Faculty Council,

I would like the opinions of the EFC concerning a merit-based salary increase for faculty during the next FY. I am interested in the situation wherein the Legislature does not grant a state-funded salary increase for the next FY. As you know, under this scenario, the UW administration could choose to 'tax' each unit to centrally fund a faculty salary increase. Thus, our College could be asked to reduce its permanent state budgets in order to 'free' up the funds necessary to centrally fund the faculty salary increase.

Under this scenario, it is also likely that each unit will be asked to further reduce its permanent state budgets in order to centrally fund other salary-related items including: faculty promotions, faculty salary floors, faculty retention and recruitment, professional staff and librarian salary increases, and TA/RA salary increases. I seek your advice concerning each of these items as well.

At the present time, each College and School is being asked to contemplate a 5% reduction in its permanent state budgets for the next FY. We all recognize that the final extent of the budget reduction is unknown; thus plans involving various levels of reduction are also being reviewed.

I would appreciate your written comments no later than March 21, 2003.

Thank you.

B. Bruce Bare
Dean, Forest Resources

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