December 19, 2008

CFR Faculty, Staff and Students

The Provost has announced a freeze on all nonessential UW travel outside Washington-Oregon-Idaho, effective immediately, for both UW travelers and visitors to the UW. Travel fully funded by non-UW budget sources, such as professional associations and other institutions, is not included in the freeze. The only UW budget exception is grant/contract sources. All other UW budget sources, including state, RCR, gift, self-sustaining, cost-center, and revenue accounts, are included in the freeze.

Are there any other exceptions? If your proposed out-of-state travel is mission-critical, I, as Dean, am authorized by the Provost to provide the required additional advance approval. Examples of essential travel that may be approved include:

  • travel critical to instructional, research, or service goals
  • travel necessary for job performance, promotion, or tenure
  • travel that will generate future revenue

    How do I get an exception? During the period of this freeze, there is no procedural change for travel funded by grants/contracts. If you wish to make a case for essential travel from non-grant/contract sources, complete the regular Travel Authorization form through the regular authorizing signature stage. The authorizing Chair or supervisor should submit the completed form, along with exception justification, to Beverly Anderson, who will in turn document the request and present it to me for the required additional review. Upon receipt of my affirmative written approval, you may proceed with your travel plans.

    What are existing College procedures? All university travel, in-state or out-of-state, by UW travelers requires authorization. Further, State of Washington policies require prior written authorization for all out-of-state travel, except where specific trips are identified in a funded grant/contract. Under existing College procedures, these authorizations are documented on the Travel Authorization form. The appropriate authorizer depends on the funding source, but one cannot authorize one’s own travel (see guidelines below).

    Fund Source Authorizer
    Grant/contract PI unless PI is the traveler*
    Any other budget Budget 'owner' (or designee) unless budget 'owner' is the traveler*
    *Special case: PI or budget 'owner' traveling on
    budget he/she controls
    Chair (for faculty); supervisor (for staff)

    Reimbursement. Reimbursement for out-of-state travel funded by non-grant/contract sources will require evidence of my prior written approval.

    We greatly appreciate your compliance with these revised procedures.

    B. Bruce Bare
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