December 19, 2007


The CFR Resources Committee met on December 14 to review the prioritized 2007-08 equipment requests submitted by Chair Bradley on behalf of the faculty and Ms. Carrie Cone on behalf of UWBG.

For FY 08, the College received $43,071 for new equipment purchases. A memo was circulated to all College faculty and staff on September 28 announcing the availability of these funds.

Based upon its review, the CFR Resources Committee recommends that the following requests be funded from these funds:

  • Professor Bura: $9,246 for water filtration system and large bench shaker for use in Bioresources Laboratory.
  • Professor Gustafson: $15,000 for computers (BLD 261) and ultrafiltration system.
  • Professors Glawe and Edmonds: $10,566 for spectrophotometer.
  • Professor Halpern and Ms. Shelley Evans: $8,743 for temperature sensor and hygrochron buttons.
  • Professor Kim (on behalf of all faculty located at UWBG): $5,950 for shaker table, drying oven, and herbarium cabinet.

    The total estimated cost of the above items is $49,505. The difference of $6,434 will be covered by the Dean's Office.

    The Committee also recommends that the following be approved:

    Ms Carrie Cone (on behalf of UWBG staff): $475 for a digital camera; $1,300 for a desktop computer for the curation office; $1,892 for two desktop computers (w/0 monitors) for Miller Library; and $1,470 for a desktop computer for the Hyde Herbarium. The funds ($5,137) for these purchases to be provided by the Dean's Office.

    All Committee recommendations are APPROVED by the Dean. Beverly Anderson will contact each receipent for their equipment purchase specifications.

    In addition to the above equipment requests, the CFR Resources Committee recommends that the Chair consider funding the following requests from funds at his disposal:

  • Professor Bolton: $1,655 for classroom/lab equipment for ESRM 304 and 426.
  • Mr. James Lutz: $3.081 for classroom/lab equipment for CFR 501, ESRM 425 and 201.
  • Professors Lawler, Moskal and Torgersen: $2,396 for GPS units for ESRM 441, CFR 541, and ESRM 250 and CFR 520.
  • Professor Ryan: $2,000 for a laptop computer.

    B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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