March 4, 2002

Dear Directors Hinckley, Wott, Bolton and Calhoun; Manager Humann; and Chairs Manuwal and Gustafson

You all know that the looming budget cuts will affect your programs. We know that the budget cut will be applied to the second year of the current biennium and be carried forward to apply to both years of the next biennium. We know that we will not have to pay an additional percentage to cover a cut in the first year of the current biennium. We know that the cuts will affect permanent budgets AS WELL AS approximately $150,000 of permanent staff salary money in 74-XXXX budgets. What we don't know is how deep the cuts will be.

The Provost has said more than once that whatever cut the University takes will not be applied just horizontally, there will be targeted AND across-the-board cuts. This is very likely how cuts will be applied in the College as well. I would like you to formulate specific plans to accommodate reductions in your total permanent state budget allocation at a minimum level of 5% to a maximum level of 14% in increments of 3%. The idea is to illustrate how your program would look at lower state funding levels over the next three years. Are external sources of funds a viable solution, or will your program have to function at a reduced level?

When you make your plans for absorbing budget reductions, please tell us what programs will be reduced at each lower level of funding. We realize that lower levels of state funding will necessarily lead to program reductions unless alternate non-state funding sources are utilized. Budget plans formulated by specific units that redirect (instead of reduce) programs for possible funding at the College-level will be returned as unacceptable.

We are very sorry to have to request these austere measures but we are very concerned about the University budget cuts that will be upon us in less than four months. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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