September 27, 2013


The Institute of Forest Resources announces a call for pre-proposals. We intend to use McIntire-Stennis (M-S) funds to support these faculty-led research projects. We are looking for projects that meet the strategic mission of both the School and Institute and address high impact research or outreach issues within our State or region.

Proposals must satisfy all of the funding criteria described below. In addition, a project budget and a clear list of deliverables must be included. Project budgets (exclusive of the required matching funds) must be between $75,000 - $90,000/year.

Funding criteria:

a) directly addresses one or more of the issues identified in the attached document;
b) provides a cost sharing match on a one to one basis;
c) is completed within two years and produces deliverables by the end of year one and a final project report at the end of year two;
d) partners with an external organization that supports the issue(s) being addressed;
e) supports SEFS graduate students and/or staff; and
f) has a significant chance of having a high impact within the State or region

Please submit your pre-proposal of up to 3 pages, plus a budget and a list of deliverables, to Bruce Bare by November 15, 2012. With the advice of a review panel, 2-3 faculty will be selected to submit their projects in the format necessary for the M-S review at the federal level.

Thank you and best wishes.

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