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Turtle research - Watamu, Kenya

With Nelly on Watamu beachCollecting beach condition dataturtle tracks


The preliminary phase of this project is aimed at linking beach condition to frequency of turtle nesting.  Working in collaboration with members of the Local Ocean Trust's Watamu Turtle Watch conservation group, Dr. Jim Gawel and I (with help from undergraduates students from UWT) are collecting information on vegetation cover along a four-kilometer stretch of Watamu beach. 2009 nesting frequency data are positively correlated with the amount of beach vegetation cover (Index is 1-5, with 5 the highest vegetation cover):

Beach vegetation cover is a function of both natural habitat features as well as landscape stewardship, these results may have implications for landscape management. We are continuing to work with our colleagues in Watamu in order to  better understand the relationship between turtle nesting and environmental stewardship along the coast.


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