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Expedition Fellows 2015, Tarrazu coffee fieldsCR Field Studies Feb. 2015Expedition Fellows 2013 (Costa Rica)Kenya Study Abroad, February 2012UWT Costa Rica Field Studies August 2011Kenya study abroad 2010 (L to R, from back): Megan Stockdale, Jim Gawel, Miriam Andrew, Vicky Karout, Danielle Dahlquist, Laura Murray, Erika Klein, Buck, Maria Nitz, Stuart Johnson, TraeAnna Holiday, Heather Minnella, Daniel Marlowe, Tiffany Wax & Ashley SpencerUW Exploration Seminar 2008 "Costa Rica: Connections that Count" L to R: (Back row) Josh Snyder, Julie Lerman, Buck, Amy Monsen, Tanya Ulsted, Melvin Donaldson, Kelly Govan, Devin Groman, Shawnell Mitchell, Aubrie Coleman, Kenza Arraki, Johnny Bruce, J.T. Abbett, Brett Wolfe, (front row) Angela Costanzo, Rebecca Singer, Rosalie McGurk, Stephanie Shea, Michael Kim, Giovannina SouersCosta Rica Field Studies 2007 Costa Rica Field Studies 2005; left to right: Ryan Moss, Patti Sandvik, Catherine Crook, Elias, Tom McDonald, Heidi Comfort, Buck, Barbara Parsons, Trevor Shaw, Petya Martinez, Levi Keesecker, Simone Hoffer, Erin Howell, Zach Hughes, Amber Robison, and Brigitte RainesCosta Rica Field Studies 2004, left to right: Travis Valbert, Courtney Randazzo, Shannon Soto, Chris Self, Jamie Batson, Buck, Lee Ann Acker, Patti Sandvik, Adrienne Arnold, Anthony Kirkendall, Megan Mach, Mark White, Lori Montgomery

                                       Photos: Kenya 2012   Photos: Costa Rica 2011      Photos: Kenya 2010      Photos: Costa Rica  2008    Photos: Costa Rica 2007        Photos: CR Field Studies 2004 & 2005

Winter 2015 -- Neotropical Field Studies - Costa Rica

This 12-credit course featured a month-long stay in Costa Rica, where students designed and implemented their own research projects in a private wilderness reserve adjacent to La Cangreja National Park. Side excursions included visits to the Piro Biological Field Station on the Osa Peninsula, and service-learning work in the highland coffee-growing region of Tarrazu/Los Santos.

 Student Research Projects, Costa Rica Field Studies 2015


Spring 2015 -- Expedition Fellows: This was a UW Tacoma program created expressly for first- and second-year students. Students were selected via a competitive process to participate in an international academic program during Spring Break. The program, which was subsidized by the UW Tacoma Office of the Chancellor, provided an opportunity for students in an early stage of their academic pathway to immerse themselves in academic explorations in an international setting, connecting the global to the local. I led the program in 2013 (to Costa Rica, see below); Dr. Mark Pendras (UWT Urban Studies) led the 2014 Fellows (Netherlands), and I led it again in 2015 (Costa Rica). Check the UWT International Programs website for more info!


Spring 2013: Expedition Fellows

COURSES: From 1999-2015, I taught courses in the Environmental Science curriculum in the Sciences and Mathematics (SAM) division of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) at UW Tacoma. Courses I have taught over the years include:

TESC 100: Introduction to Environmental Science

TESC 120: Introductory Biology I

TESC 303: Sustainable Development in Kenya - Study Abroad (Field course)

TESC 304: Tropical Ecology and Sustainability

TESC 310: Environmental Science Research Seminar

TESC 340: Ecology and Its Applications (w/lab sections)

TESC 362: Introduction to Restoration Ecology (Field course)

TESC 410: Environmental Science Senior Seminar

TESC 404: Costa Rica Field Studies: Ecology & Community (Field course) (Click here for student research project website for 2015 Costa Rica course)

TESC 440: Environmental Entomology (w/lab sections)

For descriptions of these and other Environmental Science course offerings,

check out the SAM Course Catalogue.


I  also served as Tacoma campus coordinator for the UW Restoration Ecology Network from 1999-2015. See our 2006 article in Science describing this tri-campus program. You can also check out details of the program at: http://depts.washington.edu/uwren/.

People: undergraduate research assistants

Photo courtesy of R. MossQuetzal in the Rio Savegre watershedHemipteran on leafInsect diversity studies in Costa RicaBlue-crowned motmot in Yucatan




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