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01/14 The UW press release on the lab's on demand vaccine production technology was picked up by many news outlet in the US and abroad.
12/13 Our paper demonstrating that antigen-mineralized calcium phosphate nanoparticles elicit long-term CD8 T cell memory is out in Nanomedicine.
12/13 David Chiu successfully defended his Ph.D. Congratulations!
11/13 François was one of 5 UW scientists elected to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The complete story is here.
10/13 James and François's review on self-assembled 2D protein arrays is out in Current Opinion in Biotechnology.
10/13 At the invitation of the Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology, François joined the founding board of the Northwest Green Chemistry Center
10/13 François traveled to UCLA to participate in the NIEHS Centers for Nanotoxicology Health Implications meeting.
09/13 Weibin's paper on quantum dot biofabrication with His-tagged proteins is out and will be part of a nanofabrication special issue of the Biochemical Engineering Journal.
09/13 The lab has received an award from the Department of Energy Office of Science to conduct research on bio-inspired energy conversion in collaboration with the Rolandi lab in Materials Science & Engieering.
06/13 Christina Nelson earned her M.S. in Chemical Engineering and will be returning to the U.S. Coast Guard in Washington D.C.
05/13 Rosie and Brian both received M.S. degrees this month. Congratulations!
04/13 François has joined the editorial board of Technology, a new journal focusing of technological innovation.
03/13 Brandon's paper on designer proteins that discriminate between graphene and diamond is out in Langmuir.
03/13 François gave a talk at the Zymogenetics - Bristol-Myers Squibb seminar series.
03/13 François traveled to Norman to give a seminar at the University of Oklahoma School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering.
02/13 The Nanobiotechnology vs. Bionanotechnology special issue of the Biotechnology Journal edited by François and Je-Kyun Park is out including their editorial.
02/13 Brandon and Weibin's review on Protein-Aided Mineralization is out in Bernd Rehm's book: Bionanotechnology.
02/13 François traveled to Dublin to give a talk at Trinity University CRANN Institute.
01/13 François gave the opening addresss in the Solution for Difficult Proteins session of PEPTALK 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.
12/12 Congratulations to James who has been awarded a T32 Cancer Nanotechnology Fellowship.
12/12 François gave a Monster Jam seminar at the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center.
11/12 Brandon and David passed their general exam this month. Congratulations to both.
11/12 François gave a talk at Northwestern University Chemical & Biological Engineering department.
10/12 Brandon and Weibin's review on protein-aided mineralization of inorganic nanostructures it out.
10/12 François gave an introductory talk on nanotechnology at the Mercer Island Rotary club.
10/12 François traveled to Alburquerque to review the University of New Mexico Naoscience and Microsystems program.
09/12 The lab has received a grant from the Office of Naval Research to conduct research on the synthesis and protein-guided assembly of graphene nanoribbons. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with the Jenekhe lab.
07/12 James and Brandon presented posters at the 4th International NanoBio Conference.
06/12 François traveled to Baltimore to present at the inaugural NSF CBET grantee conference.
06/12 Brent's paper on folding engineering strategies for efficient inner membrane protein production is out in Methods in Molecular Biology.
04/12 Welcome to Cristina Nelson who joined the lab this quarter.
03/12 Sathana and Weibin's paper on protein-based control of ZnO morphology is out in Biotechnology & Bioengineering.
02/12 Ruth's paper on in vivo mineralization of silver colloids is out and made the cover of Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
01/12 David and Weibin's paper on the biosynthesis of calcium phosphate core-antigen shell nanoparticles for vaccination is out in Bioconjugate Chemistry.
01/12 François was invited to give a talk and chair a session at the 2012 Pep Talk meeting in San Diego.
12/11 Brent's paper on PBAD promoter mutants for improved membrane protein expression is out in Microbial Cell Factories.
12/11 Brent successfully defended his Ph.D. and will take a postdoctoral position at HHMI Janelia Farm. Congratulations!
12/11 Congratulations to Carolynn who has accepted a position with Micron in Boise, ID.
11/11 Congratulations to Sathana who has accepted a position with IBM Watson Research Center.
09/11 Weibin's paper on protein-aided fabrication of doped immuno-quantum dots is out in ACS Nano.
09/11 François gave a seminar at Texas A&M.
09/11 Yongdong's is going back to China. We'll miss her.
07/11 Carolynn and Sathana defended their dissertation on the same day. Wow! Congratulations to our two newest PhDs.
06/11 Congrats to David Chiu whose poster took Honorable Mention at Biochemical and Molecular Engineering XVII.
05/11 Brent's paper on chaperone pathway engineering for membrane protein expression is out in Protein Science and was one of 4 highlighted by the editor.
05/11 The final program for Biochemical and Molecular Engineering XVII is available online.
05/11 Sathana gave a talk at the 219th Electrochemical Society Meeting in Montreal, Canada.
05/11 François was a panelist for the Green Nanotechnology session of the Green Chemistry Roadmap meeting organized by Boeing and the Department of Ecology.
05/11 François gave a talk at the Center for Process Analysis and Control Spring Meeting
04/11 François gave a talk entitled "Nanotechnology: a primer" at the University Rotary Club.
01/11 Welcome to David Julian and Edward Tegeler who will be working on Carolynn's microfluidic synthesis project.
01/11 François gave a seminar in the UW Department of Bioengineering.
12/10 Welcome to Brian Swift who has just become the lab's greenest graduate student.
12/10 François traveled to Washington DC to present at the NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Grantees Conference.
11/10 Congratulations to Brandon Coyle and David Chiu who both earned their MS degrees this month.
11/10 François and Brent's News and Views piece is out in Nature Chemical Biology.
10/10 The Baneyx lab will be part of a new NIH-NIEHS Center for Nanotechnology Health Implications that will link the physico-chemical characteristics of quantum dots to their toxicity.
10/10 Congratulations to Brandon Coyle who was voted TA of the year by Chemical Engineeering undergraduate students.
10/10 Joanne Li and Penny Huang have joined the lab as undergraduate researchers.
10/10 François gave a seminar in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Tufts University.
09/10 Welcome to Prof. Yondong Liu from the Chinese Academy of Sciences who will be spending a year-long sabbatical in the lab.
06/10 Miki's and Brent's paper on strategies for enhanced secretion of SRP-dependent proteins is out in Protein Expression and Purification.
06/10 François was selected as 2010 recipient of the College of Engineering Faculty Innovator Research award.
04/10 Sathana's paper on orchestrated structure evolution appears in this month issue of Nanotechnology.
04/10 Carolynn and Sathana hoped across the border to give oral presentations at the 217th meeting of the Electrochemical Society held in Vancouver, Canada.
03/10 Weibin's paper on protein-aided fabrication of ZnS immuno-quantum dots is out in JACS.
12/09 François traveled to the University of Wisconsin to give a seminar in the department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.
11/09 Welcome to Weiran (Rosie) Zhang, our newest graduate student. Rosie hails all the way from Tianjin University where she was part of a team who took bronze for best health or medicine project in the 2009 iGEM competition.
11/09 Congratulations to James Matthaei who earned his Master's degree this month.
11/09 François traveled to Japan to give invited talks at Saitama University and at the 4th Cell Stress Society International Congress on Stress Responses in Biology and Medicine which was held in Sapporo.
10/09 Carolynn was awarded one of the inaugural NIH Cancer Nanotechnology Training Grant Fellowship. She will be collaborating with FHCRC's Oliver Pres to apply her work to clinically relevant issues.
09/09 Miki has returned to Spain to finish his Ph.D. We'll miss you!
08/09 Weibin, James and Brandon presented posters at the Fourth Molecular Biomimetics and Biotechnology meeting held in Friday Harbor and sponsored by GEMSEC.
08/09 Carolynn's paper on protein-control of silver growth habit is out in Crystal Growth and Design. She also traveled to Washington DC to give a talk atthe ACS National Meeting.
07/09 Welcome to Mike Deighan who joins the Baneyx Lab for the summer as a Center for Nanotechnology Early Bird fellow.
06/09 The lab has moved to its brand new digs. Check it out.
06/09 A delighted Sathana presented a poster at the NSF-CMMI Research and Innovation Conference in Honolulu.
05/09 François traveled to Finland to give a talk at the University of Helsinki and serve as an opponent for Anu Jääskeläinen's Ph.D. defense at the University of Turku. He went on to Albé, France, to give an invited lecture at the 16ème Congrès du Groupe Français des Peptides et Protéines.
03/09 Juan-Miguel (Miki) Puertas joined the lab today as a visiting graduate student. Miki is a Ph.D. student at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona who spent 6 months in Jean-Michel Betton's lab at the Institut Pasteur. Over the next two quarters, Miki will be working at improving the expression of disulfide-rich peptides in the periplasm of E. coli.
02/09 The lab was awarded a new grant from NSF to conduct work on chaperone-assisted membrane protein expression.
11/08 Sathana defended his Master's today. Congratulations!
10/08 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced today that the lab received a highly competitive Grand Challenge Exploration Grant to develop new types of vaccines for infectious diseases. Along with four other UW grantees, we received press coverage from the Seattle P.I., the Seattle Times, and the University of Washington. More details about the project can be found here.
09/08 Back from the annual GEMSEC meeting in Friday Harbor. Weibin, James and Sathana (who is finally on a picture) were in attendance. We were treated to a beautiful sunset at the Cattle Point lighthouse.
07/08 Carolynn successfully defended her Master's thesis. Congratulations Carolynn!
07/08 Carolynn and Sathana presented posters at the 7th Electrodeposition Gordon Research Conference in New London, New Hampshire.
07/08 Mikael (Meeks) Brucker joins the lab for the summer as a GEMSEC REU student.
06/08 Welcome to Soma who joins us as our new lab technician.
06/08 Brent Nannenga was awarded an IGERT fellowship from the Center for Nanotechnology. Congrats Brent!
05/08 Goodbye lunch at Aqua Verde for Corrine who is leaving us for Case Western. It was great to have alumni Elyse and Mirna in attendance. We'll miss you Corrine... We'll also miss Fredrik who is returning to Sweden after visiting us for a quarter.

From center and moving clockwise: Brent, Carolynn, Weibin, Patrick, François, Elyse, Mirna, Fredrik, Corrine and James. Sathana was taking the picture and is obviously not on it.

03/08 New version of the website goes live.