CMU 200 Winter 2000

These questions are designed to help you focus on the most important points of the readings for Week 9. They are also designed to assist you in reviewing the readings for the final exam.

All reading are from Iyengar & Reeves, Do the Media Govern?

Kim Fridkin Kahn & Edie E. Goldberg, The Media: Obstacle or Ally of Feminists? (Chapter 21).



John R. Petrocik, Campaigning and the Press: The Influence of Candidates (Chapter 24)



Shanto Iyengar, Framing Responsibility for Political Issues: The Case of Poverty (Chapter 32)



Robert E. Entman, Modern Racism and Images of Blacks in Local Television News (Chapter 33).


Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr., Shanto Iyengar, Adam Simon, and Oliver White, Crime in Black and White: The Violent, Scary World of Local News (Chapter 34).