Questions for week 8 readings

Meet the man who buffs Clinton’s image -- Jodi Enda

What does the expression "a bit of Hollywood, a touch of Washington" mean?

What are the implications of this article on news we get from the media?

Why is Mr. George Caudill’s job important?

GOP taking a page from Clinton’s playbook, wants members to say the right thing to voters – Greg Hitt

What is the GOP problem addressed in this article?

What is the new strategy to solve the GOP problem? Is this strategy related to the content or the form of the message?

According to Wirthlin and MediaPower Group, what is the most important aspect of politics?


Iyengar and Reeves

Overview. 101-102

What type of relationship does the reading suggest exists among reporters and politicians?

Is this type of relationship beneficial to a democratic society?

Press Theory and Journalistic Practice. 118-125

How does press coverage on domestic issues differ from coverage of international topics?

How does this change during wartime or other periods of national crisis?

What does the author mean by 'jingo right?' Pg120

Who uses Whom? 132-137

What purpose does an 'authorized' leak serve? Pg 133

How does a leak differ from a spin? Pg 135

How do you interpret the title of this piece?

Overview. 143-148

What are the consequences of media-run elections?

How does the author suggest we can rid campaigning of its recent trend toward opponent bashing? pg 146

What did Clinton do to get around media obsessions with his character and turn attention to policy issues? pg 147

How do you feel about media the influence of media on political campaigns?


News Coverage of the Gulf Crisis and Public Opinion. 248-257

What do the authors mean by 'natural experiment?' pg 249

Be able to briefly describe agenda setting, priming and framing (episodic and thematic).

How do episodic and thematic frames influence public perception of events? pg 254

Anatomy of News Media Priming. 258-275

How did priming influence the presidential election of 1992?

How could you use priming theory to explain some of the effects of mass media that we have discussed in class?

What influences the type of story covered in news media? Pg272-273

Overview. 319-322

What was the 'bargaining' method of governance and how does governance now look to media support to get things done?


Media Attention and Congressional Agendas. 349-363

Do the authors make a strong case to support the agenda setting functions of the media?

How does the article describe the relationship between the public concerns and attention to these issues in the mass media?

What is a valance issue? Pg 357

Advocate's Guide to Developing Framing Memos. 420-431

What is the purpose of a framing memo?

Under what circumstances would it be beneficial to construct framing memos?