Examples of a new shows (from the term paper)


1. This television show is based on an Asian-American family living in the suburbs of San Francisco, struggling with many different issues such as Asian-American stereotypes, weight problems, and sexual orientation. The setting will be inside the family's small yet pretty house, the halls of a junior high school, and the the father's office. This show will be very real because it depicts an Asian American family and deals with difficult issues that are not often addressed on television. This will be different than other television series that are seen on the ma or networks because there are few, if any, television shows that star an Asian American family. This will be interesting to a large audience because there are characters of all ages with different beliefs and morals. Not only will this show address serious issues, it will also include elements of comedy to keep audience morale up and tuned in. Description of characters

The Wong Family consists of five family members. The father, Marlin, is a successful computer consultant that is struggling between his career and his ultimate dream becoming a painter. He is a thirty-two year old Chinese man, and has been married for ten years to his wife, Suzie. There is often conflict in their marriage yet ultimately they love each other very much.

Suzie is a "stay at home mom" who enjoys freelance writing. Suzie is constantly struggling with her weight and always has a new "get thin quick scheme". Physically, she has short dark hair, weighs about 200 pounds, and is a very fashionable. Susie is very intelligent and is a very kind and nurturing woman.

Marlin and Suzie Wong have two twin sons Tom and Max. Max is an all-star baseball player who all the girls at school are in love with. He is about 5 ft 10 in and is very muscular for a thirteen year old. Max is always very well dressed. He can talk his way out almost any situation because he can be very charming and manipulative. He is very intelligent yet also very vain. He does not have a very good relationship with his brother Tom; they constantly argue and rarely have civil conversation.

Tom does not fit in well with any group at school. He works very hard in school but is not as successful as his brother, He often envies his brother's talents and popularity. Tom is not very attractive due to acne and is extremely thin. He is very honest yet very shy. Tom does not know himself well and has homosexual urges that he feels he must suppress in front of his family.

The fifth character in the show is Marlin's father who lives with the family. Everyone in the family refers to him as "Papa" Papa is a small Chinese man with balding gray hair. He is very opinionated and has very traditional Chinese morals. Episode #1

In the first episode of this show, Marlin gets a phone call saying that he has been chosen to participate in a very prestigious art competition and must submit three new painting in three days, He plans to do this over the weekend but his boss tells him that he must work the entire weekend to put the finishing touches on a new computer program.

Meanwhile, Max and Tom are at school. Max has his eye on a cheer leader, Sara, and he invites her to his house to "study" after school when he knows that his parents won't be home. (This episode also sets the stage for Tom's curiosity in other boys). Tom spends his third period intrigued by the boy sitting near him and does not notice the fact that Sara, the same girl Max invited over, was staring at him all period.

That same day Marlin is at work and decided to quietly work on his painting while his boss is at a meeting. Little does Marlin know that his boss came back to the office early. Martin's boss barges into his office and catches him painting at a time when the company needs him to be finishing the new software. Marlin is put on probation because this is not the first time that he has been caught slacking off on the job.

Back at home Max, Sara, and Tom returned home from school. Max goes upstairs to take a quick shower, and while he is upstairs Sara makes a pass at Tom. Tom is shocked and does not know what to do. Although he would love to spite his brother, he has no attraction toward Sara and nervously pushes her away. They are both siting suspiciously quiet when Max returns from his shower. Sara quickly leaves and Max accuses Martin of hitting on Sara and Tom is speechless.

Marlin comes home from work and talks to Papa. Papa does not understand his love for painting and insists that Martin focus in his career and providing for his family. Marlin is angry and confused-- the end

Suzie, the mother, does not play a major role in he first episode, but is important because she adds and element of seriousness and humor as she battles with her weight by constantly trying crazy new diets. She plays a role of a nurturer and listener. She is used as a tool in this sitcom to understand what the other characters are thinking, Episodes in this show do not have simple endings, similar to reality. This also keeps the viewers tuned in next week



2. "Foreign Exchange" South African exchange student who grew up under apartheid comes to Seattle to stay with African-American family.

3. "Gendermorphic Ha-Ha Happy Hour" Group of friends who can physically transform themselves into opposite sex and the adventures they face.

4. "Helper" A helper monkey to a disabled college student.

5. "Trying Times" Three families (black, Asian, white) working at the same small San Francisco newspaper.