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Recent Working Papers

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Other Publications 


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Recent Working Papers

1.     Improving Policy Functions in High-Dimensional Dynamic Games: An Entry Game Example (with Ying Jiang and Carlos Manzanares)

2.     Demand Estimation with Machine Learning and Model Combination (with Stephen Ryan, Denis Nekipelov and Miaoyu Yang)

3.     Semiparametric Estimation of a Finite Horizon Dynamic Discrete Choice Model with Application to Subprime Mortgage Default (with Sean Chu, Denis Nekipelov and Minjung Park)

4.     Estimating Price Sensitivity of Economic Agents Using Discontinuity in Nonlinear Contracts (with Han Hong, Minjung Park and Robert Town).

5.     An Empirical Model of Subprime Mortgage Default from 2000 to 2007 (with Sean Chu and Minjung Park), preliminary version.

6.     Discrete Choice Models with a Nonparametric Distribution of Random Coefficients (with Jeremy Fox, Kyoo-il Kim and Stephen Ryan).

7.     A Semiparametric Analysis of Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in the Demand for Health Insurance Contracts (with Ahmed Khwaja and Han Hong), preliminary version.

8.     Computing Equilibria in Static Games of Incomplete Information Using the All-Solution Homotopy (with Han Hong, John Krainer, and Denis Nekipelov)

9.     Moral Hazard, Adverse Selection and Health Expenditures: A Semiparametric Analysis (with Han Hong, Ahmed Khwaja, and Christina Marsh)

10.  Game Theory and Econometrics: A Survey of Some Recent Research (with Han Hong and Denis Nekipelov)

11.  Identification and Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of a Dynamic Discrete Game (with Victor Chernozhukov, Han Hong and Denis Nekipelov).

12.  A Dynamic Structural Model of Housing Demand: Estimation and Policy Implications (with Phoebe Chan, Dirk Krueger, and Dan Miller).

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