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Published Papers

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Published Papers

1.     Machine Learning Methods for Demand Estimation (Patrick Bajari, Denis Nekipelov, Stephen P. Ryan, and Miaoyu Yang), solicited by the editor, American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings.

2.     Moral Hazard, Incentive Contracts and Risk: Evidence from Procurement (with Gregory Lewis), accepted subject to minor revisions, Review of Economics Studies.

3.     Measuring the Efficiency of an FCC Spectrum Auction (with Jeremy Fox), solicited by the editor, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.

4.     Bidding for Incomplete Contracts: An Empirical Analysis (with Stephanie Houghton and Steve Tadelis), accepted subject to minor revisions, American Economic Review.

5.     A Dynamic Structural Model of Housing Demand: Estimation and Policy Implications (with Dirk Krueger, Phoebe Chan, and Dan Miller), forthcoming, International Economic Review.

6.     A Theory-Based Approach to Hedonic Price Regressions with Time-Varying Unobserved Product Attributes: The Price of Pollution (with Jane Cooley, Kyoo-Il Kim, and Christopher Timmins), forthcoming, American Economic Review.

7.     A Simple Estimator for the Distribution of Random Coefficients (with Kyoo-il Kim, Jeremy Fox, and Stephen Ryan), Quantitative Economics, 2, 381-418, 2011

8.     The Random Coefficients Logit Model Is Identified, Journal of Econometrics (with Kyoo-il Kim, Jeremy Fox and Stephen Ryan), 2012, February, 166(2), 204–212.

9.     Procurement Contracting with Time Incentives: Theory and Evidence (with Greg Lewis), forthcoming in QJE.

10.   A Note on Semiparametric Estimation of Finite Mixtures of Discrete Choice Models with Application to Game Theoretic Models (with Jinyong Han, Han Hong and Geert Ridder), forthcoming in International Economic Review.

11.   Econometrics for Game Theory, Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Theory and Applications, Tenth World Congress (Econometric Society Monographs), Solicited by the editor.

12.   Identification and Estimation of Discrete Games of Complete Information (with Han Hong and Stephen Ryan), Econometrica 78(5), 1529-68 (2010).

13.   Estimating Static Models of Strategic Interactions (with Han Hong, John Krainer and Denis Nekipelov), Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 28(4), 469-482 (2010).

14.   Evaluating Wireless Carrier Consolidation Using Semiparametric Demand Estimation (with Jeremy Fox and Stephen Ryan), Quantiative Marketing and Economics (lead article) Volume 6, Number 4, 299-338 (December 2008).

15.   Auction Design and Tacit Collusion in FCC Spectrum Auctions (with Jungwon Yeo), Information Economics and Policy, Volume 21, Issue 2, 90-100 (June 2009).

16.   Auctions versus Negotiations in Procurement: An Empirical Analysis (with Steve Tadelis and Rob McMillan), Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Vol. 25, Number 2, 372-399 (2009)

17.   Estimating Dynamic Models of Imperfect Competition (with Lanier Benkard and Jon Levin), Econometrica, Vol. 75, No. 5, 1331–1370 (September, 2007).

18.   Introduction to Symposium on Online Auctions (with Christopher Adams), International Journal of Industrial Organization, Volume 25, Issue 6, 1159-1162, December 2007.

19.   Discrete Choice Models with Strategic Interactions (with Victor Aguirregabiria, Michaela Draganska, Liran Einav, Paul Ellickson, Dan Horsky, Sanjog Misra, Sridhar Narayanan, Yesim Orhun, Peter Reiss, Katja Seim, Vishal Singh, Raphael Thomadsen, Ting Zhu), Marketing Letters, Volume 19, Numbers 3-4, 399-416 (December 2008).

20.   Discussion of Aradillas-Lopez and Tamer, “The Identification Power of Equilibrium in Games”, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Jul 2008, Vol 26, No. 3: 289-292.

21.   Linear Regression Estimation of Discrete Choice Models with Nonparametric Random Coefficient Distributions (with Jeremy Fox and Stephen Ryan), American Economic Review, Vol. 97 Issue 2, 459-463 (May2007).

22.   Estimating Hedonic Models of Consumer Demand with an Application to Urban Sprawl ,pp.129-155 in Baranzini, Ramirez, Schaerer and Thalmann (eds.) Hedonic Methods in Housing Markets: Pricing Environmental Amenities and Segregation, New York: Springer.

23.   Incentives and Award Procedures: Competitive Tendering vs. Negotiations in Procurement (with Steve Tadelis), chapter 5 in Handbook of Procurement, edited by Nicola Dimitri, Gustavo Piga and Giancarlo Spagnolo .

24.   Demand Estimation With Heterogeneous Consumers and Unobserved Product Characteristics: A Hedonic Approach (with Lanier Benkard), Journal of Political Economy, 113(6), 1239-1276 (2005).

25.   Home Prices and Consumer Welfare (with Lanier Benkard and John Krainer), Journal of Urban Economics, 58, 474-487 (2005).

26.   Are Structural Estimates of Auction Models Reasonable? Evidence from Experimental Data (with Ali Hortacsu), Journal of Political Economy, 113(4), 703-741 (2005).

27.   Auction Applications, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. Second Edition. Eds. Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

28.   Hedonic Price Indexes with Unobserved Product Characteristics (with Lanier Benkard), Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 23(1), 61-75 (2005).

29.   Estimating Housing Demand with an Application to Explaining Racial Segregation in Cities (with Matt Kahn), Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 23(1), 20-33 (2005).

30.   Theory-Driven Choice Models (with T Erdem, Kannan Srinivasan, Wilfred Amaldoss, Hai Che, Teck Ho, Wes Hutchinson, Michael Katz, Michael Keane, Bob Meyer, and Peter Reiss), Marketing Letters, 16 (3-4), 225-237 (2005).

31.   Economic Insights from Internet Auctions (with Ali Hortacsu), Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. XLII, 457-486 (2004).

32.   Deciding Between Competition and Collusion (with Lixin Ye), The Review of Economics and Statistics, 85(4), 971-989 (2003).

33.   The Winner's Curse, Reserve Prices and Endogenous Entry: Empirical Insights from eBay Auctions (with Ali Hortacsu), The Rand Journal of Economics 3(2), 329-355 (2003).

34.   Cyberspace Auctions and Pricing Issues: A Review of Empirical Findings (with Ali Hortacsu), Chapter 7 in the New Economy Handbook, edited by Derek C. Jones (2003).

35.   Comments on Allenby, Chen and Yang, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 1(2), 277-283 (2003).

36.   Detecting Collusion in Procurement Auctions (with Garrett Summers) Antitrust Law Journal ,70(1),143-170 (2002).

37.   Comparing Competition and Collusion: A Numerical Approach, Economic Theory, 18, 187-205 (2001).

38.   Incentives Versus Transaction Costs: A Theory of Procurement Contracts (with Steve Tadelis) The Rand Journal of Economics, 32(3), 287:307 (2001).

39.   Econometrics of Sealed-Bid Auctions.1998 Proceedings of the Business and Economic Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association, p. 41-49 (1998).


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