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Wildlife Science Program - Dr. David A. Manuwal, Major Professor

Behavioral Ecology
1976 Response of female Red-winged and Brewer's Blackbirds to the presence of intruding female conspecifics near their nests. (Eileen O'Connor) (M.S.)
1977 Kin selection and simultaneous polyandry. (Mariel Brockway) (M.S.)
1979 Behavior and attendance patterns of the Fork-tailed Storm Petrel. (Ted Simons) (M.S.)
1982 Incubation capacity as a limiting factor of shorebird clutch size. (Susan Hills) (M.S.)
1989 Dynamics of mixed-species flocking among forest birds. (Denis Desilvis) (M.S.)

Forest Bird Ecology & Conservation

1981 Ecology of hole-nesting birds in Olympic National Forest. (Jill Zarnowitz) (M.S.)
1985 Habitat use by cavity-nesting birds in the Okanogan National Forest, Washington. (Sarah Madsen) (M.S.)
1987 Brown Creeper (Certhia americana) abundance patterns and habitat-use in the southern Washington Cascades. (Jina Mariani) (M.S.)
1988 Habitat use by cavity-nesting birds in the southern Washington Cascades. (Richard Lundquist) (M.S.)
1989 Management strategies for wildlife habitat areas on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. (Brigitta Van Der Raay) (M.S.)
1990 Effects of pre-commercial thinning on bird populations in a western hemlock forest. (Vanessa Artman) (M.S.)
1990 Effects of logging on bird populations in southeastern New South Wales. (James Shields) (Ph.D.)
1997 Nest-site selection and breeding success of the Ash-throated Flycatcher in oak woodlands. (Jennifer Seavey) (M.S.)
1997 Ecological and behavioral aspects of hybridization between Hermit and Townsend's warblers: a test of four narrow hybrid zones. (Scott F. Pearson) (Ph.D.)
2000 Breeding territory settlement patterns and mate choice in a monochromatic tyrannid flycatcher. (Matthias Leu) ( Ph.D.)
2001 Food abundance and fledging success of Dark-eyed Juncos in managed forests on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains in Washington. (Thomas G. Gergen) (M.S.)
2005 Legacy retention, variable-density thinning, and habitat quality of the Winter Wren in managed forests of western Washington. (Nicholas A. Palazzotto (M.S.)


Grassland Shrub Steppe Bird Ecology
1994 Evaluating the conservation of avian diversity in Eastern Washington: a geographic analysis of upland breeding birds. (Michael R. Smith) (M.S.)
1995 Habitat use and survival of Loggerhead Shrikes in sagebrush steppe of Eastern Washington. (Matthias Leu). (M.S.)

Mammal Ecology
1986 Survey of historic habitats of the western gray squirrel (Sciurus griseus) in the southern Puget Trough and Klickitat County. ( Elizabeth Rodrick) (M.S.)

Raptor Ecology &Conservation
1975 Ecology of the wintering Bald Eagles on the Skagit River. (Christopher Servheen) (M.S.)
1976 A survey and analysis of Bald Eagle nesting in western Washington. (Teryl Grubb) (M.S.)
1982 Factors affecting the distribution of the Barn Owl in British Columbia. (R. Wayne Campbell) (M.S.)
1988 Habitat Use of Spotted Owls within the Cedar River Watershed. (Lisa Egtvedt) (M.S.)
1991 Spotted Owl nest site characteristics in mixed conifer forests of the eastern Cascade Mountains, Washington. (Joseph Buchanan) (M.S.)
1994 Response behavior and habitat use of the Great Horned Owl in Northwest Washington. (Sharon G. Seim) (M.S.)

Seabird Ecology & Conservation
1975 Breeding biology of the Tufted Puffin (Lunda cirrhata) (David Frazer) (M.F.R.)
1976 The breeding biology of the Rhinoceros Auklet on Destruction Island, Washington. (Lora Leschner) (M.S.)
1977 A study of the biology of the Rhinoceros Auklet on Protection Island, Washington. (Ulrich Wilson) (M.S.)
1977 A comparative breeding biology of the Tufted and Horned Puffins in the Barren Islands, Alaska. (Michael Amaral) (M.S.)
1977 Reproductive success of the Black Oystercatcher in Washington State. ( David Nysewander) (M.S.)
1978 Ecological characteristics of common fish prey used by seabirds in Washington. (Steve Ralph) (M.S.)
1981 Distribution and behavior of foraging murres in the Bering Sea, Alaska. (Douglas Woodby) (M.S.)
1983 Ecology of the endangered Dark-rumped Petrel (Pterodroma) in Hawaii. (Ted Simons) (Ph.D.)
1994 Effects of introduced predators on the survival and fledging success of the endangered Dark-rumped Petrel. (Cathleen Natividad Hodges) (M.S.)
2000 Testing assumptions of line transect sampling for marbled murrelets at-sea using an independent observer. (Kirsten Brennan) (M.S.)
2001 Reproductive and physiological consequences of egg predation for glaucous-winged gulls. (Stephanie G. Zador) (M.S.)

Urban Bird Communities
1984 Characteristics of the urban avifauna and its habitat in metropolitan Seattle, Washington. (Stephen Penland) (Ph.D.)
1992 The impacts of urbanization on wetland bird communities. (Ellen Martin-Yanny) (M.S.)

Waterfowl Biology & Conservation
1988 Breeding biology and conservation of the Nene, Hawaiian Goose (Branta sandvicensis). (Paul Banko) (Ph.D.)
1980 Winter ecology of sea ducks in the inland waters of Washington. (Katherine Hirsch) (M.S.)
1993 Distribution and habitat selection by wintering trumpeter swans in the lower Skagit Valley, Washington. (Paul Anderson) (M.S.)
1994 Time allocation by Aleutian Canada geese during the nonbreeding season in California. (Henning C. Stabins) (M.S.)
1995 Habitat evaluation and selection of the Aleutian Canada Goose on migration and wintering areas in California. (Ann Dahl) (Ph.D.)

Revised February 28, 2005