Generally, I teach BIME 543 Consumer Health and Informatics in the Autumn Quarter, and BIME 554, Biomedical Information Interactions and Design, in the Spring. I also teach NMETH 530, Developing a Scholarly Project Proposal, in the UW Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies Program.

BIME 543, Consumer Health and Informatics: provides a general introduction to consumer health informatics (CHI). The course covers theories of health behavior and information behavior; key concepts and terminology; and main application domains. First, this course will present an overview of theories that are relevant to health behavior change and health information behavior, and explore how they might be applied to promote changes in health behavior and/or explain health consumers’ behaviors. The course also introduces key issues such as health literacy, patient-centered communication, patient empowerment, patient-generated data, participation, and privacy. Lastly, the course covers CHI applications in major application domains including personal health records, m-Health, and tele-health. This is a highly interactive, discussion-based course in which value is based on contributions and participation from students of different backgrounds.

BIME 543 Consumer Health and Informatics, Instructor, Autumn 2021 syllabus

BIME 554, Biomedical Information Interactions and Design: provides students fundamental knowledge and skills in human-computer interaction and design within biomedical contexts. Along with the material in the course, students engage in a quarter-long project in which they attempt to design a solution for a problem that exists in a given real-world setting. This is a highly-interactive, workshop-based course in which most class sessions will be split, with half being devoted to an introduction to a technique, method, or approach; and half to exercising what is learned.

BIME 554 Biomedical Information Interactions and Design, Instructor, Spring 2021 syllabus