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Methods Review of Online Support Group Research Literature

Researchers from many disciplines have studied discussion content from online support groups. In this review, I examine methods that have been used to study the content of health-related online support groups, the types of research questions these methods are able to answer, their affordances and limitations, and in so doing, elucidate recommendations for incorporating them […]


I have several main areas of research: health information behaviors in the context of chronic illness, health-related social media use, and research methods. I also engage in digital humanities research and development. Health Information Behaviors in the Context of Chronic Illness When people develop a chronic illness, the illness can have significant impacts on many […]


This year, I am teaching BIME 598 Consumer Health and Informatics in the Autumn Quarter, and BIME 554, Biomedical Information Interactions and Design, in the Spring. At the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, I taught Research Methods in the fall of 2013. This course is intended to provide an introduction to research methods, and to illustrate […]