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Methods Review of Online Support Group Research Literature

Researchers from many disciplines have studied discussion content from online support groups. In this review, I examine methods that have been used to study the content of health-related online support groups, the types of research questions these methods are able to answer, their affordances and limitations, and in so doing, elucidate recommendations for incorporating them […]


I have several main areas of research: health information behaviors in the context of chronic illness, health-related social media use, and research methods. I also engage in digital humanities research and development. Health Information Behaviors in the Context of Chronic Illness When people develop a chronic illness, the illness can have significant impacts on many […]


This year, I am teaching BIME 543 Consumer Health and Informatics in the Autumn Quarter, and BIME 554, Biomedical Information Interactions and Design, in the Spring. Current Courses BIME 543, Consumer Health and Informatics, is intended to provide a general introduction to consumer health informatics (CHI). The course covers theories of health behavior and information behavior; key […]