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Marysa Laguë wins the CESM Graduate Student award!


Marysa Laguë was awarded the Community Earth System Model Graduate Student award this past week at the annual CESM Workshop for her contribution of the Simple Land Interface Model to the CESM community.


An excerpt from her nomination:

Marysa is a PhD candidate in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington. Marysa’s research seeks to understand how the atmosphere responds to perturbations in the land surface, what surface processes contribute most to the atmosphere, and how land-atmosphere coupling varies regionally. A land surface model such as the Community Land Model (CLM) does not readily facilitate the necessary model analyses. Many critical land surface processes that affect the atmosphere (e.g., surface albedo, evaporative resistance) are the modeled outcome of complex parameterizations. They cannot be easily prescribed or changed to specified values so as to assess the atmospheric response to a known surface perturbation. To solve this problem, Marysa developed a simplified land surface model (SLIM). Her model provides a computationally efficient yet scientifically robust framework to analyze land–atmosphere interactions. SLIM will be made available to the CESM community.

Congratulations Marysa!


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