Ecoclimate Lab

Lab Talks at the 2017 ESA meeting


The Ecoclimate lab will be giving a few talks at the upcoming Ecological Society of America Meeting next week in Portland, OR. If you are attending the meeting we hope to see you there!

Tuesday 8-11:30am – we organized a session!

Portland Blrm 258, OOS 11 – Ecoclimate Teleconnections: Global Connectivity Between Ecosystems with Consequences for Biodiversity, Material Cycling, and Ecosystem Services in a Changing World


Tuesday 8am, Abby Swann

Portland Blrm 258 – Ecosystem-climate interactions and ecoclimate teleconnections


Tuesday 8:20am, Marysa Laguë

Portland Blrm 258 – Synergistic ecoclimate teleconnections from forest loss in different regions structure continental ecological responses


Wednesday 9:20am, Abby will present Marlies Kovenock’s work

B118-119 – Leaf trait acclimation amplifies simulated climate warming in response to elevated carbon dioxide



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