Ali Shojaie (full CV)

    Editorial Service:
    • Associate Editor, Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA), 2013-present
    • Associate Editor, Journal of Multivariate Analysis (JMVA), 2016-present
    • Associate Editor, Journal of the Iranian Statistical Society, 2015-present

PhD Students

  1. Sen Zhao, UW Biostatistics
  2. Asad Harris, UW Biostatistics
  3. Arjun Sonhdi, UW Biostatistics
  4. Lina Lin, PhD student, UW Statistics, joint with Mathias Drton

Student Collaborators

  1. Alex Tank, PhD student, UW Statistics, working with Emily Fox


  1. Shizhe Chen, PhD student, UW Biostatistics, 2016 (joint with Daniela Witten), currently at the Grossman Center for Brain Science, Columbia University
  2. Arie Voorman, PhD student, UW Biostatistics, 2013 (joint with Daniela Witten), currently at the Gates Foundation
  3. Takumi Saegusa, postdoctoroal fellow, 2012-2014, UW Biostatistics, currently Assistant Professor of Statistics, Univ. of Maryland, College Park
  4. Afshin Mashadi-Hossein, Masters student, UW Biostatistics, 2014, currently at NanoString
  5. Kevin Rubenstein, Masters student, UW 2014 Biostatistics (joint with Ken Rice), currently at Kaiser Permanente