In 2014-2015, Professor Prakash will teach Environmental Politics and Institutional Innovation (POLS 404a/PB AF 499a, Fall 2014), International Relations: Theory and Methods (POLS 521, Winter 2015), and World Politics (POLS, 426, Spring 2015).

In 2013-2014, Professor Prakash taught the following three courses: International Political Economy, (Fall 2013), NGO Politics (Spring 2014), and World Politics (Spring 2014). In previous years, he has offered coures on NGO Politics,, International Relations: Theory and Methods, American Foreign Policy,Globalization, Economic Development, World Politics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Globalization and Public Policy, Business and Public Policy, and Global Environmental Politcs .

Professor Prakash has received several teaching awards. At Indiana University-Bloomington's School of Public and Environmental Affairs, he received the 1998 Teaching Excellence Award. At the George Washington University Business School, he was the recipient of the 2000 as well as 2002 MBA Faculty Teaching Award. Business Week (September 26, 2000) listed him as one of two "Most Popular Professors" at the GW School of Business (total faculty, approximately 100). For the past several years, the Divisional Dean of Social Sciences at the University of Washington has recognized his "exceptionally high student evaluations, both in overall evaluations and in "amount learned."