Big Data Machine Learning:

I am interested in scalable efficient distributed machine learning algorithms. Currently I am working on machine learning algorithms particularly for soft computing and for discretization on hadoop/spark cloud based infrastructures.

Bio and Healthcare Informatics:

Transformational Health Care is possible if clinical and fiscal decisions can be supported by a confluence of data, machine learning, and cloud computing. Our group at the Center for Data Science works on a variety of initiatives in healthcare analytics.

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition:

My early training was in using CV and PR techniques for handwriting recognition and novelty detection in streams. I continue to be active in these areas and contribute to efforts in video stream analytics. Recent efforts include distributed algorithms for scalable object tracking, obstacle avoidance for low-powered drones, a flying hadoop cluster, and dietary and volumetric visual analysis of food.

Databases, Streams and Geospatial Research:

I am an active member of the ACM SIGSPATIAL community, interested in topics at the intersection of machine learning and spatial databases. Recent efforts include organizing the first ACM SIGSPATIAL Cup on Map-Matching and working on various problems in spatial query processing and routing systems.