As a Fellow in the summer Geophysical Fluid Dynamics program at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1998, I completed a project concerning lava domes, which are formed during volcanic eruptions. In particular, I designed and conducted an analog experiment of growing lava domes. As lava often shows a non-Newtonian behavior with a finite yield stress, I chose a mixture of kaoline powder and water that possesses non-Newtonian characteristics. In addition to my experimental work, I did theoretical work in which I treated lava as a Bingham fluid and derived a single evolution equation for the dome height with respect to space and time. I also conducted numerical simulations that compared favorably with my laboratory results

  • N. J. Balmforth, A. Burbidge, R. V. Craster, J. Salzig and A. Q. Shen, Visco-plastic models of isothermal lava domes, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 403 (2000), 37-65.