On this page are handouts from recent talks which have not been made into publications or manuscripts.

Talks on Austronesian Languages or Typology
Subjunctive and the Emergence of Ergativity in Austronesian Languages (Academia Sinica, Institute of Linguistics, March 2013)
Nominalization and the Development of Ergativity in Formosan and Philippine Languages (National Tsinghua University, Graduate Institute of Linguistics, March 2013)
Formal Features and Ergative Variation (Bilbao Workshop on Syntactic Variation, June 2013)
Talks on Chinese Historical Syntax
Talks on Japanese Historical Syntax
Word Order in Old Japanese WH-questions (NINJAL Salon, July 2014, in Japanese)
Consistency in Hentai Kambun Word Order (NINJAL Colloquium, March 2013, in Japanese)