Latin 520: Tiberius





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Conference Program: Second to none: Tiberius and Tiberian Culture


Weekly Assignments


Week 1 (Jan. 3-6)


Week 2 (Jan. 4-13)


Week 3 (Jan. 14-20)


Week 4 (Jan. 21-27)


Week 5 (Jan. 28-Feb. 3)


Week 6 (Feb. 4-10)


Week 7 (Feb. 11-17)


Week 8 (Feb. 18-25)


Week 9 (Feb. 26-March 2)


Week 10 (March 3-10)


Selected General Websites (ever in progress)


Drafts of Ted Champlin's (Princeton Classics) book-in-progress on Tiberius (Princeton/Stanford Working Papers)


Serviceable online biography (and bibliography) of Tiberius (by Garrett Fagan)


Timeline for Tiberius' career (with a few useful links to other material)

Online texts