Principal (known) instances of Augustan legislation


The Leges Iuliae (i.e., legislation put forward by Augustus himself)

Lex Iulia de iudiciis publicis privatisque: delineated between public and private disputes and what courts should deal with what

Leges Iuliae de peculatu et de sacrilegiis et de residuis (C&F D22): three, probably separate laws, dealing with misuse of funds

Lex Iulia de ambitu (C&F D22): on electoral bribery

Lex Iulia de annona (C&F D22): controlled import and export of grain

Lex Iulia de repetundis (C&F D22): extortion

Lex Iulia de maiestate (C&F D23): treason

Lex Iulia de adulteriis coercendis (C&F D23 and 28): provided for the punishment of those convicted of adultery. Quaestio established to deal specifically with this matter.

Lex Iulia de maritandis ordinibus (emended by Lex Papia Poppaea in AD 9; C&F D15, 26-27, 29-31): curtailed intermarriage between people of senatorial rank or descent with "freedwomen or actress or their daughters" (Jones p. 132). Also provided penalties for childless marriages and rewards for marriages that produced three or more children (cf. the ius trium liberorum at C&F D27)

Lex Iulia sumptuaria: sumptuary law designed to discourage excessive spending on luxury items (C&F D17)

Other instances of legislation passed in the Augustan period

Lex Fufia Caninia (C&F D21): limited opportunities for people to grant slaves freedom upon their death

Lex Aelia Sentia (C&F D20): regulated manumission of slaves by people while they were still alive